Im back in a few mins, but maybe there will be more breaks according to the supllier
Umm never happened to me b4, electricity is shut down o.o
is that an engi bot?
[link] dis iz wat touring buys you xD
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Welcome to the forums of Nihilism!

Nihilism is a Social Guild, that has players enjoying all different aspects of the game, from PvP to endgame Raiding. Don't like doing one or the other? It's not a problem, because our guild runs on a strong ethos of tolerance and respect. A lot of members participate in multiple aspects of the game, but we won't turn you away just because you don't want to do one or the other, as long as you are a friendly and awesome person to the entire guild, and can stick by the guild ideals we've set down! In the past we also had a stong and active Roleplay aspect, but the guild has changed members over time and the Roleplay aspect is much more on the background and there are no activities planned for it anymore.

Our server is currently Jabbit, Dominion, of course!

We have a unique set of Guild Expectations so you can understand what to expect of us, and what we expect of you!

                  Guild Expectations

                                                                                                 Nihilism Raiding | PvE | PvP | Housing


Click here to start your application! Nihilism FAQ

Is the guild currently recruiting?Nihilism is OPEN for new raiders applications. We're always accepting applications from referred people, social players and some specific class roles, namely Medic DPS. We may even accept one more good Warrior DPS.

How can I apply?Press the button above here you silly!

Who runs the guild?The guild is run by a Council, all equal to eachother. Currently the Council consists of: Gorbix, Gnar and Ravick. 

What if I have more questions?Please refer to the Nihilism FAQ, and if that doesn't answer your question, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll do our very best to answer any questions you may have! It is a bit outdated and the guild changed over time, but most of it is still accurate and for the parts that are not, we'll try to update them soon.

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